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>Simon Cowell battle stop Cheryl seeing Ashley


Now this story is one of those bits of news that maybe shouldn’t be news but an obsession over Cheryl, Simon and relationships means it makes the headlines and the relationship part is what interests me.

So it plays up on a lot of stereotypes.
The father figure Simon Cowell is looking out for his daughter figure, Cheryl and her typical cheat ex Ashley. Only the role model can stop irrational Cheryl from getting back with the love cheat.

I am sure Cheryl has enough of her own mind to deal with her own relatonship and Simon is likely ordering her around more because he has a vested interest in her as a product that he has sold to X-Factor USA.

The fact that these issues with women and taking bad men back is hitting the news means that a big problem exists. Cheryl is a confident woman who has done very well for herself and she should not be in a position to be knocked down by a man who treats her in a bad way. No woman deserves to be treated like this. If Cheryl was to get back with Ashley then it would really put a bad message back to young girls who should be being taught to be head strong and find good men in their life.

Simon Cowell is often making the news with recent articles focusing on him planning a new games show and being one of the most powerful celebrities. His mentoring of Cheryl Cole is bringing in more news too and we all know he loves playing this game so may even be pushing this story up himself, which of course is sad if it is the case.

Source : http://therandomforest.com/simon-cowell-battle-stop-cheryl-seeing-ashley/


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