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Who’s in That Funny Commercial?
The kid behind the Darth Vader Super Bowl ad has been unmasked. Find out who he is & get the scoop on other actors behind your favorite TV spots.
Some commercials are too good to mute or fast-forward through. Their characters become stars in their own rights. Watch some of the classics that we still love: famous felines, hard-partying dogs, red meat fanatics and tissue enthusiasts.Then, there are the newbies from the latest batch of Super Bowl ads. Here are the stars behind some of our favorite commercials.

 VW Darth Vader Kid
One of the biggest hits of the 2011 Super Bowl ad roundup never said a word or even showed his face. The kid who roams around his house trying to use The Force on everything in sight stole the show before the ad even ran on TV.
Old Spice Guy
Wooing viewers as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” the suave, shirtless spokesman spent 2010 charming late-night audiences. Not only can he brag about smelling good, he can boast that he looks good, too.
Flo the Progressive Girl
Flo’s the peppy Progressive Insurance checkout girl who has been helping clueless customers with their rates since 2008. Half of her quirky appeal comes from her high-maintenance retro appearance (fans try their best to get it).
Mac vs. PC Guys
These ads have pitted the two computer brands against each other for four years, with the stuffed-shirt PC actor always losing. The Mac is easily recognized due to his recent rom-com release. It’s the PC who’s the sleeper hit.
Toyota Highlander Kid
This skinny-jeans-wearing kid’s catchphrase is “I don’t tolerate dorkiness very well.” The little hipster has this blunt message for parents who may drive such “uncool“ cars as this one.
Geico Cavemen
They may be Cro-Magnon, but these sophisticated music video stars are sensitive; Geico’s slogan has offended them since 2004. Multiple actors have played these cave dwellers, but one gets the most recognition.
Orbit gum spokeswoman
She’s the neat-as-a-pin British gum enthusiast who finds her work cleaning up dirty mouths to be “Fabulous!”
Steven the Dell Guy
In this series of ads that ran from 2000 to 2003, Steven flashed an enthusiastic thumbs-up at folks who had opted to buy Dell computers (here’s his stoked catchphrase).
Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World
This debonair gentleman claims, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” He takes a break from globetrotting and romancing long enough to give this advice to viewers.
Allstate Insurance Mayhem Guy
Talk about range the menacing Mayhem Guy plays all manner of destructive things, from a filthy rich executive, to a satellite dish, to a puppy. And he does it all in a designer suit.
The Subway Guy
In 2000, this formerly obese Indiana man burst onto the ad scene championing his dieting secret.
Kia Joyride Toys
When they hopped inside the 2011 Sorento during last year’s Super Bowl, these toys were geared up for some nightclubbing, jet-skiing and tattooing. You probably recognize the iconic robot, teddy bear and Sock Monkey, but there are two relative newcomers.
Verizon Can You Hear Me Now Guy
 The bespectacled Verizon character (also known by his more official name) has been reassuring wireless users since 2002.
The Toyota Sienna Family
Think there’s no swagger in driving a minivan? This couple says, “Think again.” They’re “rolling hard through the cul-de-sac” in their campaign to make the family ride seem cool. The toddlers are cute, but the parents steal the show.
Target Christmas Lady
For the past two holiday seasons, the eerily manic Christmas lady has trained for, strategized for and, basically, obsessed over being first in line for Target’s big event.
Nationwide’s “The World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World”
Armed with his trusty gadget, the goofy, enthusiastic insurance rep makes house calls to get Nationwide customers exactly the kind of insurance plans they want.

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