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>Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper


Lady Gaga in Overtime “60 Minutes”
This Sunday night at 7 p.m. ET/PT, right before the Grammy Awards, “60 Minutes” features an in-depth profile of “Lady Gaga,” a 24-year-old pop star formerly known as Stefani Germanotta. Anderson Cooper talks with Gaga about her improbable rise from college drop-out to pop star, her philosophy on fame, and her new album.
In this excerpt, Lady Gaga finds out that it’s not always easy to go home again when she takes Cooper and a “60 Minutes” camera crew to the apartment in New York where she lived before she became one of the most famous people on the planet. 
In the beginning of the teaser clip, Gaga and Cooper stand outside of her old building. “How long did you live here for?” Cooper asks, to which she replies, “About three years.”
Gaga then attempts to enter her former apartment by pressing all of the buttons, hoping someone will buzz her in. “We’re going to do it the New York way … someone will listen.” While they do get inside the building, the current tenant in Gaga’s old studio declines to even open the door because of the “60 Minutes” camera crew.
So instead, the superstar goes through an old box of personal mementos while sitting in the building’s narrow staircase. The “Born This Way” singer laughs at the sheet music to the very first song she wrote called “Dollar Bills.” “This was actually the very first song I ever wrote,” she tells Cooper. “I think I was four.”

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