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>Brett Favre dancing with the stars

BRETT FAVRE, the legendary NFL quarterback who recently found himself at the centre of a scandal concerning explicit text messages, should appear on DANCING WITH THE STARS, according to former contestant KURT WARNER. Warner, who was eliminated during the semi-finals of the most recent season, says it would be a good idea for the show to cast Favre, telling PopEater, “Let me think on what old retired NFL guy should join the show. Brett Favre. That’s a good idea. Controversy is good for ratings”. However, Warner says that the recent text scandal has dented Favre’s legacy as one of the world’s finest quarterbacks, he said, “I do think that hurt his legacy to some degree. I do think people look at him differently now – at least in the short term – than five years ago”
Back in October 2010, the former New York Jets star was investigated by the NFL over allegations that he had sent inappropriate messages to a pitch-side reporter named JENN STERGER. However, two months later Favre was found not to be in violation of the personal conduct policy but was fined $50,000 for failing to cooperate with the investigation.

Brett Favre To Appear On 

Dancing With The Stars?

BRETT FAVRE appearing as a contestant on DANCING WITH THE STARS would be “good for ratings”, says retired football star KURT WARNER.


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