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>What to Do on Super Bowl Sunday if You Don’t Watch The Game


Things to do During Super Bowl if You Hate Football
Not everyone wants to watch the game. Here are some fun alternatives for non-fans.
While many Americans will be watching the Super Bowl on Feb. 6 that still leaves millions who could care less. Here are a few ideas for what to do Sunday if you have no plans to watch the big game.
Go to the movies
Need some movie inspiration? Watch the trailer for “Waiting for Forever,” which stars the former star of a teen television drama in her first lead role, premiering the same weekend. Or, view trailers of other movies in theaters right now, and use this interactive gallery to find out which films are opening this week. Now, choose a theater near you.
Go to a museum
Get your culture on. Here’s an interactive gallery to help you find the perfect museum that suits your taste. Check out exhibits on art, history or culture at a museum near you.
Dinner at a classy restaurant
Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, prepared by someone else. Find the perfect restaurant near you and check out some of the best places to dine in the country.
Watch just the commercials
Thanks to DVRs, you can fast-forward through the game to catch the next hilarious commercial. Watch some of the best commercials in Super Bowl history and get a sneak preview of this year’s commercials.
Have a girls’ night out
Are you a woman who can do without football? Here are a few ideas to make football’s biggest day bearable. Get together for a night of pink poker, chick flicks or wine tasting.
Go to a party & mooch the food
Who says you have to care about the game? Just find a great party and treat yourself to some awesome food. Here are a few photos to stoke your appetite.
Read the entire Sunday newspaper
Sundays are perfect for reading the newspaper. Want to know what’s going on beyond your own town? Use this interactive gallery to check out front pages from around the country. Or try your hand at challenging puzzles. By the time you’ve read the newspaper from front to back, the game will likely be over.
Take some time out to volunteer at a homeless shelter near you or spend time with the elderly in your community.
Throw a Super Bowl commercial party
If you don’t want to leave the house, invite friends over to play a Super Bowl commercial version of this timeless game, or perhaps come dressed as your favorite Super Bowl commercial character. Click here for more ideas.
Go sightseeing
Round up the children, rev up the car and go for a drive, checking out the sights you’ve been neglecting. Extend your weekend! Use this interactive gallery to find the perfect getaway and check out last-minute flight deals.

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