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>Motorola Xoom Super Bowl Commercial


This Motorola Xoom teaser actually looks pretty cool. If you have seen Apple’s Macintosh 1984 Super Bowl commercial, you will surely relate to this Motorola ad.
Found this on Engadget. In 1984, Apple was the underdog in the industry, and they felt the same way about IBM as Motorola now feels about Apple.
In this teaser, the company says that “2011 looks a lot like 1984″ with “one authority, one design, one way to work” while showing Planet Earth wearing a pair of shiny white iPod / iPhone buds. Boom, here comes a new planet — a red, gaseous one with an “M” logo on it — that pimps a bunch of wild features we’ll be seeing in the Xoom like a dual-core processor, upgradeable 4G, and Honeycomb out of the box. In closing, Moto says “it’s time to live a free life.”

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