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>Bree Olson Arrested DUI


Charlie Sheen pal Bree Olson arrested for DUI
 Bree Olson is a 24 years old porn star, better known for her apparent friendship with Charlie Sheen was arrested on Thursday at Fort Wayne because of driving while she was drunk. According to a reputed celebrity magazine, Bree Olson happens to be one of the closest pals of Charlie Sheen and was also present in the party, before his recent hospitalization.

She won “Best New Starlet” and “Best Anal Sex Scene” at the 2008 AVN Awards, seemed unphased by the brush with the law.Bree Olson was driving recklessly under the influence after she was involved in a single car accident. She had not to take any medical treatment after the accident. There were no reported injuries from the incident.
Initially, she said that she had only two beers but later on, in the breathalyzer test, she blew a .19. The cops said that they could smell strong alcohol from her breathe and also noticed her watery bloodshot eyes, which gave a strong feeling that she was definitely driving under the influence of alcohol.
Olson was driving a black Lexus when she was involved in car accident. Olson was arrested by the Allen County Sheriff’s Department and eventually released on $750 bail.
Reportedly, last week, Charlie Sheen texted Charlie Sheen’s porn star pals, that the “party timer is over” and now they should rather lose his number because he would not entertain them anymore. Was that the reason why Bree Olson got upset, to get sloshed and drive recklessly? Seems like Charlie Sheen’s rehab is not only taking a toll on the social and professional life of the “Two And A Half Men” star but also on several other people he was involved with who are hitting the tabloid for the wrong reasons.

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