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>Bieber Surprise SNL February 5


Bieber on ‘SNL’
Justin Bieber’s pre-movie media onslaught continues this weekend. Friday night, he made his second appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in a week, and there are reports that he’ll pop up on “Saturday Night Live” as well.
The Bieb read the Top 10 list on Letterman’s show Friday night, and the topic was one he knows well: “Reasons it’s fun to be Justin Bieber.” Here are a couple of our favorites:
9. I’m briefed each morning by the CIA.
7. When I’m sick, my doctor makes hilarious jokes about “Bieber fever.”
5. At the barber shop, I can say “Give me the me.”
It looks like Bieber is sticking around New York this weekend. The Hollywood Reporter says he’ll make a “surprise appearance” on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend (although it’s less of a surprise now). We’re guessing it will be in a sketch, because we don’t really see musical guest Linkin Park jamming with him.Bieber’s concert movie/biopic “Never Say Never” opens Feb. 11. As if you needed reminding.

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