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>Lohan Mural Vandalized


Lindsay Lohan Mural Vandalized

 Lindsay Lohan does not have to follow rules.Thats why Lohan l has so many problems to face. Its impact is that a venice mural of LiLo has been vandalized. On top of that, LiLo is facing a necklace theft allegation that could result in her going back to court again.Someone decided to paint a swastika on her forehead. They also drew blood tears coming from her eyes.

As earlier,, the actress is still dealing with fallout from the alleged battery of fired Betty Ford worker Dawn Holland. It’s now been revealed Lohan’s camp offered Holland $25K to keep quiet, but the deal didn’t work out.
“Dawn agreed to a $25,000 payment from someone directly associated with Lohan’s camp,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “Dawn wanted the amount paid upfront. But Lohan’s camp wanted to spread it out over a period of a few months, paying her in installments.”

“That didn’t suit Dawn, so the parties then agreed, in principle, for Lindsay to participate in a sit-down television interview with Dawn.” Dawn would then get her payday from media outlets.


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