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Mark Kelly‘s Decision
Astronaut Mark Kelly, who is the husband of injured Gabrielle Giffords, is expected to announce tomorrow whether he’ll command the final space shuttle mission in April. But a friend who spoke with Kelly today told ABC News he expects the astronaut to be on board for the shuttle’s final flight. Sen. Bill Nelson, a former astronaut, said he spoke with Kelly, who was in Washington today to attend this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast.
“He’s going to make his announcement tomorrow. I don’t know what that’s going to be. It is a tough decision for him but I think it’s reasonable to expect that he will go on to command this mission in April, because I think Gabby is significantly improving every day,” Nelson told ABC’s “Top Line.”
Speaking at the prayer breakfast this morning, Kelly offered no hints about his decision. He said his wife’s condition had improved, though he offered no specifics. “Everyday she gets a little bit better,” Kelly said, noting he wouldn’t have been able to attend the event otherwise.

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