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>Scarlett Johansson Ryan Reynolds teary dinner


Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have reunited over dinner to discuss ‘divorce details.’ The two got together to discuss the workings of their upcoming divorce procedures. US Weekly reported that the two met at the Little Door and Château Marmot in L.A. on Jan. 28. Could it be that the two are considering staying together?
However their meeting wasn’t an entirely happy affair, according to onlookers the couple met at 11pm and went to chat on the patio, spending an hour together. During that time spies say Scarlett, 26, talked the most and that sometimes she was laughing and then holding back tears. All of which seems fairly normal behaviour for a girl meeting up with her ex. The couple’s somewhat emotional nightcap followed a diner at LA’s Little Door, which more sources have described as “comfortable”. 
Of course Scar-Jo and Ryan’s very public reunion (seriously, you don’t go to the Chateau Marmont if you want to keep things on the downlow) has resulted in speculation that the couple could be working out their problems. A pal of the couple reports this isn’t the case ,“There are no plans to reconcile, but they’re still friend.”

We’d love it if Scarlett and Ryan did patch things up – they’re such a lovely couple – but let’s face it, it’s more likely that they met up to discuss details of their divorce. Boo.


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