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Lindsay Lohan Suspected For Necklace Theft!
Lindsay Lohan is being accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace.On Tuesday, Los Angeles cops applied for a warrant to search the actress’ Venice Beach home after she was pictured wearing a pricey necklace that had been reported stolen from Kamofie & Company in Venice Beach

. Here’s Lindsay wearing the necklace! According to a source, “Lindsay was photographed and there is video of her wearing the jewelry she is accused of stealing.” Lindsay told friends the accusation is “bulls**t,” and said the store owner who filed the report against her is “nuts.” According to sources, Lindsay claims the necklace was loaned to her and a stylist simply forgot to return it on time. A friend of the actress (possibly that stylist) turned the piece of stolen jewelry into detectives just before the search warrant was executed. According to police, the necklace is now in a police locker and is being classified as evidence. This latest drama could prove costly for Lindsay. TMZ reports that the lieutenant in charge has contacted her probation officer to tell them she is the sole focus of the investigation. If she’s actually guilty, this will be a probation violation which means Lindsay could be headed back to jail.


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