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>PETA ad Super Bowl


PETA AD and Super Bowl
PETA continues its tradition to have sex oreinted controversial Super Bowl ads that don’t exactly thrill major networks.Sex sells” has always been PETA’s modus operandi ever since the famous “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” ads.
Last year’s PETA ad “Veggie Love” was declined by NBC despite a $3 million offer.This year’s ad is a compilation of “outakes” from the audition for the 2010 ad. There’s plenty of risque vegetable love to come.Whether or not this ad will actually make it to television remains to be seen.This year’s version seems not to disappoint.
The ad, which PETA says was intended to air during the Super Bowl this year, depicts female models enjoying — umm, really enjoying– vegetables.  NBC said the ad “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.
A PETA ad touting the benefits of vegetarianism was deemed too racy for NBC, the group reports.  A tagline at the end of the ad reads, “Studies show vegetarians have better sex. Go veg.”

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