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Eva Longoria Dating Penelope Cruz Brother
Eva Longoria, actress of Desperate Housewives was divorced from her NBA player less than two months ago.Well, she did not take burden of it on her and she’s already taking a new man, none other than Penélope Cruz’s little brother, Eduardo Cruz.Eduardo is ten-years younger than Longoria.

They were seen together on Christmas Eve as Longoria neighbors saw a scene when Eduardo, a successful pop singer and Penélope’s kid brother, was padding around barefoot inside Eva’s garage.
“They were clearly very happy with each other,” one spy shares. “He’s there at least three nights out of four — but they’re trying desperately to stay beneath the radar.”
And not only has Eduardo apparently been keeping this schedule for weeks, but Eva’s rep has even uttered those four fatal words – “They are just friends.” So that sets it! Having virtually confirmed Eva’s tryst with Eduardo, her rep is now saying nothing.
The 25-year-old singer found fame in 2006 with his debut all-Spanish album, and caused a lot of discussion in 2008 when a video for his song “Cosas Que Contar”(Things that Count) featured Penélope in a passionate lip-lock with the 32-year old Argentinian actress Mía Maestro.

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