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In retrospect, what Brad Womack did at the end of his “Bachelor” season was pretty solid. But at the time, fans were appalled that the bartender from Austin dumped not only Phoenix Suns cheerleader Jenni Croft but realtor DeAnna Pappas, too. Everyone thought he was a total cad for breaking both girls’ hearts and animosity was fueled by rumors that he had the producers fly DeAnna’s father out for the final episode (he is adamant that he did not). The bottom line is that he just didn’t really like either girl that much. Is that so wrong? Lots of fans thought so until Brad went on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and explained that he told producers weeks before the finale that he didn’t want to pick either girl but was forced to go engagement ring shopping for contractual reasons.He quietly returned to Austin where he owns five bars. Needless to say, DeAnna went on to become the fourth “Bachelorette.” Jenni soothed her broken heart in the arms of her ex-boyfriend, who picked her up from the airport and rekindled their relationship right away.
This Bachelor season is the 15th season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. The season premiere aired on January 3, 2011.The show features a previous contestant from The Bachelor, Brad Womack, who picked no one in seaon 11.
In his second turn at being ‘The Bachelor,’ Brad Womack has claimed over and over that he’s a new man, that he’s gone through years of therapy and that he’s ready to settle down.
This season is still going on.Lets see what will be th result.Will Brad get some girl or again be alone in end?

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