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>Egypt Prisoners Escape


In Cairo,worst situation is going on as stores were looted,cars were burnt out and the stench of blazing tyres filled the streets of Cairo as President Hosni Mubarak refers to appoint Omar Suleiman as a vice president.Egyptians violently protested against it and the protesters shouted: “Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman, both of you are agents of the Americans.”

President tried to bargain with angry egyptians and security forces struggled to contain looters.Security officials confirmed that thousands of prisoners have escaped from prisons across Egypt including 700 prisoners escaped from northwest of Cairo.In these riots several prisoners were killed during the breakout.
A great number of jail breaks have been registered in Alexandria, Aswan and other places.
5,000 prisoners estimated are reported to have broken free in El Fayoum, south of Cairo, killing a senior police officer.
Police withdrew from the streets when the army was sent in to take over security in Cairo.Army units have temporarily blocked traffic along the highway connecting the capital Cairo with the country’s second biggest city of Alexandria.
As the political demonstrations continuing, the US Embassy in Cairo is providing free evacuation flights for Americans wishing to come out of Egypt to avoid further violence and unrest.Turkey is also evacuating hid citizens.

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