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Celebrity breakups
Ryan Reynolds & Rihanna are both single again. Who else is back on the market?
Oh, how we love the drama of celebrity romances — and we’re equally entranced when famous couples call it quits. We saw some jaw-dropping breakups in 2010. As we enter 2011, we thought we’d take a look at the couples who have split in the last month or so.
See if you can name the better half of the couples in question, including:

Ryan Reynolds
In 2008, Ryan Reynolds married his gorgeous wife in an intimate ceremony outside of his hometown.
Last month, he reportedly filed for divorce — after appearing on the cover of People magazine with this hunky, honoroble title.
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal stepped out with this country music star in October, and for a couple of months they were an item. Now, his lady love is making headlines for her broken heart. Gyllenhaal may have played a prince on-screen, but apparently his breakup tactics are far from gentlemanly.
January Jones
January Jones, who plays a troubled housewife on AMC’s award-winning drama, started dating a comedian from this late-night comedy show back in July. Their relationship was on and off for months, and in January they finally called it quits.
Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley met her beau of five years back in 2005 on the set of a movie inspired by this Jane Austen classic. She even predicted the relationship’s demise in 2009 — for this reason. To prepare for the separation, Knightley apparently bought herself a home outside this European coastal city.
The Colombian singer recently let the world know that she and her investment banker-agent boyfriend of 11 years had made the transition from lovers to friends as of last summer. A reconciliation has not been ruled out.If she had married him, what former president would
Macaulay Culkin
Macaulay Culkin, child star of a popular movie franchise, is now truly home alone after separating from his actress girlfriend of eight years. No reason was given, only that the split could be categorized as this type of breakup. She recently co-starred in a ballet-themed thriller, which netted a Golden Globes best actress award for this star.
After almost a year together, the singer Rihanna has bid adieu to her baseball-playing outfielder. They originally met in this Mexico party town, but gossip rags blame the peripatetic nature of her career as being too much for him.
Zac Efron
Zac Efron and his ex started dating as teenagers on the set of this popular musical. Now they’re in their early 20s, with movie careers and a breakup that falls under this category.Efron will play a Marine in his upcoming movie. His ex is currently filming this movie, set in Hawaii.
Denise Richards
Denise Richards was famously married to this TV star and perennial troublemaker. Most recently the former reality show star had a fleeting relationship with the co-founder and bassist of this hard-rocking band, known for many hits, including “Too Fast for Love”.
John Mellencamp
John Mellencamp’s marriage to his supermodel ex lasted nearly two decades, but now it’s kaput.The couple, who had two children, met 20 years ago when she was hired to be on the cover of the all-American rocker’s 1991 album.
Sammi Giancola of ‘Jersey Shore’
Sayonara, “monogamous couple of ‘Jersey Shore.'”Sammi Giancola split from her on-again, off-again boyfriend for three seasons of the hit reality show. Their split was much discussed on this social networking site.
Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag rose to fame for her role on this MTV quasi-reality show, for her many plastic surgeries and for marrying her co-star. Trouble in paradise first surfaced last summer when Montag reportedly filed for divorce, citing this as the reason for their split.It was a different story by November, when they held a special ceremony in this California beach town.

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