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>2011 January Viral Videos


Best January viral videos
Some viral videos can be hilarious, while others can cause a nation-wide scandal. But these unexpected snippets of news, home videos, comedy sketches and musical performances that entertain millions have also helped create overnight stars and launched successful careers.
Here’s a roundup of the best viral videos of the new year, including:
* An NFLer’s monster touchdown run
* Ted Williams’ golden voice
* Texting woman’s fountain fall

Marshawn Lynch touchdown run
Seattle Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch’s 67-yard touchdown run clinched the team’s win against a Super Bowl-winning team in the first round of the NFL playoffs. The run showed multiple defenders bouncing off the runner.Fans’ reaction to the feat was so powerful it caused a seismic shift, but the Seahawks couldn’t pull out a win in the next playoff game against an 11-5 team.
Man with a ‘Golden Voice’
Video of formerly-homeless man Ted Williams turned him into an overnight sensation, earning him the nickname “The Man with the Golden Voice.” Since the airing, Williams has received a flurry of job offers and landed his first national commercial, which features his voiceover at the end.But his story took a new path when Williams entered rehab after a conversation with a famous psychologist and was later arrested.
United State of Pop 2010
This San Francisco-based DJ, known for his blending of popular songs, released his fourth year-end mashup of the biggest pop songs of 2010 with artists like Lady Gaga, Usher and Katy Perry.
Mysterious animal deaths
Residents of Beebe, Arkansas were understandably spooked by mysterious mass animal deaths on New Year’s Eve. Some experts believe a celebratory noise was the cause.Other puzzling animal deaths were reported in January, too.
Toowoomba flash flood
Damage caused by a shocking flash flood in Toowoomba, Australia captured millions of people’s attention online. Meanwhile, a nearby Australian city has begun cleanup after its worst flood in decades.
Marathon runner takes a wrong turn
With the finish line nearly in sight of a relay race in Tokyo, marathon runner Natsuki Terada veered off course.
Neil Patrick Harris’ acceptance speech
“How I Met Your Mother”star Neil Patrick Harris’ gushy and heartfelt acceptance speech for favorite TV comedy actor at the People’s Choice Awards had him switching languages.
Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes
Comedian and Golden Globes’ host Ricky Gervais is taking a lot of heat for his controversial gags at the Hollywood event.
Sarah Palin’s battle hymn
Video surfaced in January of some ardent fans of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who put their devotion to the potential presidential candidate to song. The hymn is set to the tune of a well-known patriotic ditty.
Mall walker gets wet
An embarrassing incident of a woman’s walking mishap caught on tape at a Pennsylvania mall has ignited a lawsuit over the security guards’ reactions. But in an unexpected twist, she turned up in court for another matter.

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