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Celebrity Zodiac Signs
Find out if it was in the stars for Will Smith, Lady Gaga & Bono to make it big.
Who’s a born leader? Who’s destined for intellectual greatness? Take a look at the signs of the world’s biggest celebs and see how their fame was written in the stars.
 (Note: These are based on the zodiac calendar we’ve been using for centuries, not the new one with 13 signs that’s gotten a cool reception from horoscope gurus despite an astronomer’s insistence that it’s more accurate.)

People born under this sign are thought to be direct, energetic, pioneering and impetuous.
Talk about pioneering: Lady Gaga has broken pop-star style boundaries by flaunting a wardrobe made out of everything from dolls to dinner.
James Franco embraces thrill-seeking roles, makes audacious career moves and has enough energy to create art and go back to school(s).
It’s said that Taureans are self-reliant, determined caretakers who can harbor a stubborn streak.
Janet Jackson was showing her tenacious Taurus colors when she dropped this ’80s hit.
U2 frontman Bono is an international caretaker: His philanthropy includes global health and fair trade campaigns.
These are the witty intellectuals of the zodiac, who are also said to be communicative and versatile.
Award-winning actress Natalie Portman honed her intellect at an Ivy League university and is a closet crack-up.
Versatility is the hallmark of Johnny Depp’s acting career, which has bounced from TV drama to sleek espionage, dark fantasy to musical.
Cancerians have a reputation for being super-sensitive, intuitive and nurturing.
If the films of Meryl Streep haven’t sent you reaching for a tissue box, you might be made of stone. Her 1982 Best Actress role is prime sobbing material.
Likewise, Tom Hanks has earned acclaim for his touching roles, such as this Oscar-winner and this tear-jerker.
Leos are usually considered to be outspoken, confident leaders.
Madonna has led the pop pack for decades, setting records and establishing style trends.
Observant, analytical, meticulous and reserved — these are traits often linked to Virgos.
Actress Michelle Williams avoids the glam Hollywood life (opting for casual Brooklyn strolls) and sticks to pensive indie roles such as this one and her latest.
Though his acting alter ego is over the top, Tyler Perry has a reputation for being serious and soft-spoken.
This group is hungry for knowledge, diplomatic, sociable and idealistic.
Gwyneth Paltrow shares her quest for the intriguing and enlightening on her lifestyle blog.
Will Smith has such a love of learning that he and his wife started their own school.
Scorpios are said to be intense, manipulative, magnetic and possessive.
Scarlett Johansson has enough allure to earn her top-ranking sex symbol status and enough passion to earn her weighty roles.
Leonardo DiCaprio brings his famed intensity to such films as this thriller and this Oscar-nominated 2010 film.
A Sagittarius is thought to be a good-humored traveler and adventurer who’s open to exploring new philosophies.
Miley Cyrus has quit her “day job” and seems particularly keen on exploring new lifestyles.
Her birthday
Brad Pitt can’t seem to stay put, regularly bouncing from continent to continent.
Capricorns are pegged as tireless workers who are practical, reserved and patient.
Katie Couric has been in journalism since college, diligently working her way up to her current anchor status.
Since his first Oscar nomination in 1987, Denzel Washington has focused on putting out a steady stream of no-nonsense, powerhouse roles.
This bunch has a humanitarian streak, and they’re known to be original and inventive.
Oprah Winfrey’s humanitarianism is well documented, and her latest project proves she’s as ambitious as she is inventive.
John Travolta has been committed to charity work in the States and beyond.
Those born under the Pisces sign are artistic free spirits who are compassionate and sympathetic.
Erykah Badu has been thinking outside the box since her first hit single, at times, being a bit too artistic for her own good.
Before becoming an award-winning actor, Spain’s Javier Bardem had a passion for this art form.

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