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Famous name changes
Chad Ochocinco, Sting & others created new names when they became stars.
Chad Ochocinco is the latest celeb to change his name.  The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver claims he’s had enough of “Ochocinco” and is reverting to his given name.

The wannabe-famous change their names for many reasons, but image plays a big role. Would the icons of the acting, comedy, music and sports worlds be as well known if they hadn’t? See if you can figure out the stage names of the following stars, including:-  
Sting , Demi Moore ,Tom Cruise ,Lady Gaga ,Lil Wayne 
Classic Hollywood stars
Roy Scherer Jr. – Before he became one of the most recognized romantic leading men in the ’50s and ’60s, most notably in a film starring another classic heartthrob, he served as an aircraft mechanic in World War II.
Marion Morrison – This grandson of a Civil War vet was a tough guy on the athletic field for this school, well known for this sport, before he brought his bravado to the movie screen.
Frances Gumm – At the age of 17, this actress was cast in her best-known role. Unfortunately, she was unable to escape her real-life problems with a click of her heels.
Greta Gustafsson – After a long career in Hollywood, this Swedish-born actress retired into seclusion, living in the same apartment for nearly 40 years. In 1976, she was unknowingly photographed by this magazine while out for a swim.
Margarita Cansino – This daughter of Spanish dancers saw her acting career rise to rare air after she starred in this movie named after her hair color. 

Norma Jean (Mortenson) Baker – This iconic actress was known for her hair color, which was not natural. Before she sang for a president, Baker at 16 pursued a modeling career.

Archibald Alexander Leach – At 14, this Hollywood heartthrob-to-be with a distinctive accent left school for a career in acting. At 62, he finally stopped making movies — for a reason.
Doris von Kappelhoff – As a child, this bubbly blonde wanted to perform this kind of dance, but a car accident dashed that dream. Undeterred, she turned to another kind of lesson.
Frederick Austerlitz – This Austrian-born entertainer is known for his look and his dance moves with his famous partner.
Lucille LeSueur – As a child, this starlet-to-be escaped abuse by winning a dance contest. She was discovered in the 1920s by a Hollywood film studio. 
Leading Ladies
Alicia Christian Foster – This legendary actress started in showbiz at just 3 years old. She went on to win an Academy Award for this film.
Winona Laura Horowitz – This “Little Woman” was named after the Minnesota town in which she was born. She also took a starring role in a 1999 film adaptation of this author’s book.
Edna Gilhooley – This legendary actress sustained a permanent injury to this body part while she was filming this iconic movie. Her performance still garnered her Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations.
Joyce Frankenberg – After starring in English films, this British actress earned international attention when she took a leading role in a well-known American movie series.  
Demetria Guynes – She got her acting break playing Jackie Templeton on this daytime soap opera, and she is the cougar wife of this actor.
Susan Tomaling – She was nominated for five Academy Awards in the 1990s alone, and she bore two children to this actor.
Dana Elaine Owens – Before this “Queen” got her start in showbiz, she worked for this King.
Amanda Lee Rogers – Perhaps best known for her marriage to this Hollywood funnywoman, this blonde from Down Under legally changed her name at 15, preferring to follow this literary heroine.
Leading Men
John Charles Carter – The Academy Award-winning leading man was an active president of this gun-toting organization.
Maurice Micklewhite – This actor was given this honor by this royal figure after he was nominated for an Academy Award in every decade since the 1960s.
Mark Vincent – Vincent’s career began to take off after a role in this blockbuster, helmed by this superstar director.
Nicolas Coppola – Looking to avoid the association of being this famous director’s nephew, Coppola changed his last name to that of one of his favorite comic book characters.
Female Singers
Male Crooners

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