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>Unlikely Celebrity Friendships


Unlikely celebrity friendships
While most celebrity friendships seem like they were made for one another others are utterly unlikely.
Check out the following list of improbable celebrity pals and find out who Jimmy Fallon, Jon Bon Jovi, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lopez and more call on for advice.
 Michael Jackson & Elizabeth Taylor
Actress Elizabeth Taylor, famous for seven tumultuous divorces, and the troubled “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, bonded over their rocky pasts as young stars and developed  a close relationship that some saw as a strange obsession. Find out what the eccentric Hollywood star said about their friendship upon Jackson’s death in 2009.  
Jimmy Fallon & Mario Batali
Celebrity Italian chef Mario Batali has been a frequent guest on his pal Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show (watch funny clips with Batali). Though they make for an unlikely bromance, the two stars are often heading out to dinner together or taking a ride in the West Village. 
Jon Bon Jovi & Bill Belichick
New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and rocker Jon Bon Jovi are close enough for the singer to have been invited into Belichick’s inner sanctum (find out where). The famous coach even sang onstage with Bon Jovi (watch the funny video).
Snoop Dogg & David Beckham
This may be a first: International soccer star David Beckham and rapper Snoop Dogg are becoming Hollywood’s latest best-friend odd couple. The LA Galaxy star and “Doggfather” experienced something very odd while out to dinner recently.
Mike Huckabee & Chuck Norris
Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is “Chuck Norris approved” (watch the political ad). The “Walker, Texas Ranger” star made it his mission in 2007 to get his friend and ex-Arkansas governor elected to the presidency.
Elton John & Eminem
Hip-hop star Eminem said he has long leaned on singing legend and recovering drug abuser Elton John for support and counseling (find out why). Eminem admitted that his own drug addiction almost cost him his life.
Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini
New “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez and “The Talk” co-host Leah Remini have defended their unlikely friendship against religion. Remini was one of the first on scene to visit her BFF in the hospital when Lopez welcomed her twins (baby photos).
Will Smith & Tom Cruise
Super star actors Will Smith and Tom Cruise bonded over shared religious beliefs. Smith has often come to the defense of the “Mission: Impossible 4” star.
Mel Gibson & Britney Spears
Scandal-laden actor/director Mel Gibson found an unlikely ally in the formerly troubled pop star Britney Spears during his recent custody battle. The two stars have even vacationed together.
Nelson Mandela & Naomi Campbell
Infamous tantrum-throwing supermodel Naomi Campbell’s friendship with former South African leader Nelson Mandela indirectly landed her in some hot water recently.

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