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Celebrity Kids
Parents everywhere get a lot of advice from those around them. But the children of the famous are under even more scrutiny, their every move examined by photographers and the public. Here’s an update on some of the best-known children of celebrities.

Johan Samuel

His model mom and singer dad have two older children and one younger . The eldest has a different biological dad


This Oscar-winning actor and his wife have four kids . Isabella has a brand-new little sister.


This adorable 4-year-old  gets her good looks from her actress mom and her actor dad. She’s also known for her keen fashion sense.

Baby Louie

The mom and dad of this baby split up within months of him coming home, but he still got a spectacular welcome. 


Her actress mom waited until she was in her 40s to have this charming 2-year-old  with her former model beau. 


This former “Simple Life” star and her musical fiancĂ© have a darling daughter , who has been joined by a little brother


The actress mother of this 4-year-old  converted to her father’s religion when they married. Will she and her mom join a musical TV show?


His model mother and his actor father named their young son  after a key figure in the Bible. Here are some family pictures.

Cruz, Brooklyn & Romeo

A footballer and a singer-turned-style maven’s three young sons  take after their dad. The eldest has already signed his first fashion deal.


This top actress and this top singer are parents to a young girl , who has been joined by a younger brother. Their mom reveals some of their favorite reads.


The mom and dad of this 4-year-old  met on a movie set  and became engaged. Though her father has departed, she has her godfather.

Hazel & Phinnaeus

The twins  are well traveled, considering that they go on location with their actress mom. Their cinematographer dad and their younger brother  join them.


Kingston  and his musician dad cheered on his mom at a New York fashion show . Although he has a younger brother , there’s talk that his family is likely to keep growing.

Bronx Mowgli

The songstress mom and the musician dad took their little one  on a play date in Southern California.


The little girl’s conception was the first surprise she gave her actress mom and actor dad; this was her second, which was quite unlike her older brother’s 

Max & Emme

The twins are being raised by their singer dad and their superstar mom in a $2 million home in Brookville, N.Y. Now that Mom has a steady job, perhaps they can settle down.

Angel Iris

The 3-year-old daughter of a former “Spice Girl” and a Hollywood actor has found a home with her mom’s new man. Her mom says she got her name because of her behavior during pregnancy.

Barron William

The young son of an American business magnate and his third wife has some big shoes to fill. One of his siblings is making a name for herself as a businesswoman.

Honor Marie

The parents of this 2-year-old charmer met on the set of a movie , she as an actress and he as a director’s assistant.

Violet Anne

It seems as though family time is a big deal for this 4-year-old ) and her actress mom and her actor dad. She’s often snapped with their parents in a restaurant or at a park, sometimes with her sister.

Sunday Rose

The 2-year-old daughter of an Australian actress and a country music singer took to the recording studio for the first time recently. Though she might have inherited her dad’s tunefulness, he says he’s glad she’s got her mom’s legs.


This baby boy went on an outing in Calabasas, Calif., with his very stylish mom and dad recently.

Ruby Sweetheart

The young daughter  of an actor and a jewelry designer was named Sweetheart because that’s what her beloved grandmother called her, her proud papa says.

David Banda

His singer mom’s efforts to adopt him from an African country caused quite a stir, but she was successful. In time, he got a new sister.

Max Liron

This 2-year-old wasn’t huge when he was born, but his singer mom says he’s made a big impact on her life and that of her music producer husband.

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