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>Awkward Golden Globes moments



Awards show season. So glitzy, so glamorous—and for the unfortunate few, a truly awkward experience.The stakes are always higher at the Golden Globes.Let’s review the most awkward moments of all time from the Golden Globes.

Christine Lahti’s moment

Year: 1998
What did she win?
 Presenter Michael J. Fox called Christine Lahti’s name when she won and an awkward moment followed when she couldn’t be found. 

Bette Midler’s moment

Year: 1980
What did she win?
Bette Midler won two awards for her star turn in an acclaimed film.  But it was her awkward, albeit funny comment about her own “globes” that people remember.

Chloe Sevigny’s moment

Year: 2010
What did she win?
Unfortunately, most people don’t remember Chloe Sevigny for her win. Instead, they remember her first shriek and accusatory glare at an usher when she arrived at the microphone.

Elizabeth Taylor’s moment

Year: 2001
Someone thought that having a living legend present the Golden Globe for Best Picture in 2001 was a great idea. Nope.

Whoopi Goldberg’s moment

Year: 1986
What did she win?
Whoopi  Goldberg should have been buzzed-about because of her win for The Color Purple in 1986, but all people wanted to talk about was the color yellow.

Lara Flynn Boyle’s moment

Year: 2003
In the fashion no-no Hall of Fame, the Academy Awards remember Björk’s swan dress, and the Globes remember Lara Flynn Boyle showing up at the 2003 awards.

Linda Blair’s moment

Year: 1974
What did she win?
After winning for her head-spinning turn in The Exorcist,  Blair became overwhelmed and started shrieking and crying.

Oliver Stone’s moment

Year: 1979
What did he win?
When he won his award, Oliver Stone began ranting against the government, and the audience went from cheering him on to booing him off the stage.

Isaac Mizrahi’s moment

 Year: 2006

Before the 2006 Golden Globes telecast, fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi’s signature question for the stars on the red carpet was about the type of undergarments they were wearing. When Scarlett Johansson replied that she was wearing nothing, Mizrahi “checked” to be sure.

Renee Zellweger’s moment

Year: 2000
What did she win?
Renee Zellweger was at the show, but was not present when her name was called when she won.
Where was she?
It was a certain network mogul who got her to the stage in time for the acceptance speech.

Ricky Gervais’ moment

Year: 2010
When Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes in 2010, he did so with his trademark irreverent humor.   But when he made an off-color jab about Paul McCartney’s massive divorce settlement, the camera cut to McCartney—and well, if looks could kill….

The Globes Go Dark

Year: 2008
Unfortunately, the most awkward part of the 2008 Golden Globe Awards was the fact that it wasn’t glamorous at all.

Ving Rhames’ moment

Year: 1998
What did he win?
Arriving at the microphone in tears,Ving Rhames then brought the room to its feet when he did a gracious act.

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